©2011 Dolph Hamster Music  |  Photography by Flash Totty  |  Design & Maintenance by epytome.co.uk
Words & Music by Seb Reilly, Mark Loader & Tony Lawrence

It's just a game to raise the cash so meet a dealer and choose the stash
Here's Mr. Brown or Charlie White
So take a gamble
It's your life
What's your poison
Take it in
Your pulse is rising
Feel it kick back
Now relax
You're gone
You were found on puke stained ground
Skilled paramedics have tried their best
And now you lay in a hospital bed
No parents left to hope that you're not dead

All in the game
I drop beats and take names
I see you pissing in the streets to lay claim to your fame
So mark your corners
You pushing and you pedalling
You're the one who's got the hook up in this fucking empty lane
I hear it on the wire
One eight seven
Shots fired
I know this dead pan isn't heaven but the fire isn't tired
Now clearing house again
All just to cover your back
You'll die one day at my hand
Left face down
Yet the products from your stashes feed the habits of the masses
It's just cruel and understated how the wasted are the hated
So I'm making a list and I'm checking it twice
For you hot shots who dodge cops and run blocks with crack rocks
The future rolls on and long and gone
In the blink of an eye
Take my time with my hunt
I've got to smell out the lines
Hypocrites and crimes of mankind
I tried to belong
To be gone
But still the game goes on

Act seventy one
To control the farm
No education
This index of harm
See the drones following the trend
One in five dragged down by the horse
Socio-economic depravation
It feeds the flock
Manufacture chemicals to sell without law or prejudice
Advice or disagree
Mental issues
Talk to frank
Grass raises letters through crack
Fill prisons
Reduce the virus and change your standards
Five billion reasons to tax the trade

©2011 Dolph Hamster Music