©2011 Dolph Hamster Music  |  Photography by Flash Totty  |  Design & Maintenance by epytome.co.uk
Words & Music by Seb Reilly, Mark Loader & Tony Lawrence

Storm this empty squat as we sleep in the shadows
Anything we say isn't good enough for you
Persecute the list to redeem the names
Hide your intentions behind a badge

Quell my voice and seal my fate
See your eye's fake carbon glint
Protest on
Waive all your rights
Play the role of hypocrite

Project through your glass covered lake and see beyond
Your self indulgent state of mind

Cover all your tracks with this old boy network
So all that remains are the broken bones
Cast a shadow down from your ivory tower
Your stiletto sentinel admires the view

Mace held high you scythe through shit
Fake your clues to get a hit
Protest gone
You take our rights
Keep your rank of hypocrite

Doused in petrol
This seeping turns blue to black
Spark a flint for your stripes mean nothing now
Like a flower
Tortured under burning sun
I watch you all cower and wither and die

Queen and country propagate
Dilute truth for sacred state
Protest now or read our rights
Fucking hypocrite

Let slip the hogs of war

©2011 Dolph Hamster Music