©2011 Dolph Hamster Music  |  Photography by Flash Totty  |  Design & Maintenance by epytome.co.uk
Words & Music by Seb Reilly, Mark Loader & Tony Lawrence

Wear your badge with pride to name your colours
Live in the slums but die in the street
Send your crew a call to arms to defend your tower
Take one last look at your empire estate
Man becomes a god with a trigger finger
See you clucking for adrenaline
The fix can hardly wait
Scarlet ribbins hide the faces of your brothers
You don't kill for love or honour but respect

Fuck the new culture breed
Fight our war on their streets
Forged with blood
Less to grieve
First to die
Last to leave

So pull that trigger now

Prove your worth
Just a deal
Clench the bullet in your teeth
Nothing to loose if you do time
So feed the magazine for it's next release
Lose the gloves then drip your hands in iodine
Rats in a sewer
You spread your disease
Wait for the sign
Raise your hood and parade your piece
Tag your target
Lock and load and pinch and slide

Play in your asphalt jungle

Hold your head up high as your rivals fall
Shields and truncheons cannot break through this blockade
For territory blackened fingers wrap around the tool
Squeeze the hairline
Watch their faces as they fade away
You're all so fucking fatal
Battling the black and white and blue clad brigade
Pass the buck
You cannot live with betrayal
No one will be spared from this
Your crusade

©2011 Dolph Hamster Music