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“So you wanna know something about me? Bass player, songwriter and sometimes vocalist. I'm pretty laid back, but am always there for my friends. My outlook on life is somewhat different to most; dark, twisted and maybe even weird. I work hard and play hard, but try to enjoy life to the full. Most of all I love myself. Who wouldn't if they were me?”
    - Tony Lawrence

“This old punk is a legend in his own right. With his experience, influence and passion he really fucking is the foundation of us. There's never a time where you could disagree with this wise man. His advice, relaxed approach, twisted demeanour, and often disturbing ideas bring the right level of fun and balance to Napolien.”
    - Mark Loader

“He is a wise and experienced performer, with strong musical knowledge and great lyrical ability. He can create words from thin air, like bastardised poetry, always with a dark and sour twist. His musical influence is wide ranging, and he always brings fresh ideas and a new perspective to the writing process. As a performer he is at home on a stage, with great charisma. He is a key member of the band, and although he likes to sit back and enjoy the ride he is the backbone of the group. He is always thinking and always writing, and is a never-ending supply of originality.”
    - Seb Reilly