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“As a musician and songwriter I strive to create something original, even though this is an almost impossible task. If what we create as a band has even a slight feel of originality, and the songs evoke a response from the listener, then we have succeeded. As a producer I have had the opportunity to work with some great artists and bands, and yet I always find myself working with Mark and Tony. Both have featured within my other music projects, and I am proud to have written and performed with them. I do have a lot of input on the songwriting, and as the producer it is down to me how the end results turn out, however we always work as a group to define our sound, as it is greater than each individual member. Napolien is the forerunner of what we all do musically, it is our most original and diverse project to date.”
    - Seb Reilly

“This multi-talented musician who leads by example is the main driving force of the band. Some would say he is a genius, ever striving to pursue his dreams and turn them into reality. He is a highly motivated individual who knows where he's going, and how to get there. With his classical as well as contemporary background, his musical ability knows no bounds.”
    - Tony Lawrence

“ When you look past his pretentiousness what you find is an extremely talented musician, songwriter and producer who strives for excellence and originality in every move he makes. His raw energy, diversity and passion is constantly drawing Napolien up to the next level.”
    - Mark Loader