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“Yeah, I'm Mark, I play bass, scream, shout, occasionally sing, throw in ideas/suggestions to the table, and generally produce noise wrongs through the art of Napolien. I'm a highly emotive and heavily opinionated punk at heart. I'm not necessarily angry at the world or the things I may have missed out on, it's just the lack of decency in humanity that fucks me off.”
    - Mark Loader

“He is an agressive and anarchic frontman with a strong vocal range and the passion and performance to lead a crowd. He brings a different attitude to the table, influencing our writing process heavily with his political views and opinions. He doesn't hold back his thoughts, often suggesting difficult subjects for our songs to cover. His punk ethos and anarchic tendancies have brought Napolien to the point it is today, as he sings about anything he chooses and truly does not give a fuck.”
    - Seb Reilly

“Driven by his background rooted in punk rock he delivers his own unique sound as our lead vocalist. Many say that with his laid back demeanour it would be difficult to see where he gets his energy and drive, but how wrong could they be. He throws himself into all his endeavours with one hundred percent commitment, commanding the respect of his fellow band members and peers.”
    - Tony Lawrence